Bible reading is an important part of any Christians life.  The explosion of the Internet and more recently the use of Smartphones means there are now an immeasurable list of resources available to find a good bible reading plan.  Many, though not all, of these reading plans are contained within popular bible websites or Apps that will run on personal computers or smartphones.  Any search on the Internet will reveal many, many more.  What is important is that you select one that will enable you to read through the whole bible in a reasonable period of time.  Some reading plans will rightly emphasise the New Testament, but you should not forget to read the Old Testament, as this is the background to all that the Lord Jesus did in the New Testament.

We list below (mainly) free options that are available on the web, for personal computers and on Android and iOS.  Some of these packages can synchronize across platforms, some only work standalone.  Many of these have multi-language interfaces.  Two I would draw attention to are The Sword Project which is supported on many platforms and has an extensive list of bibles in many languages, and the Reading Plan for iphone/iPad which has a wide variety of reading plans linked to many of the bible apps.  This is not an exhaustive list of resources and, in particular, does not include those which are not free.  One word of warning some of these free applications look attract initially, but to make them useful one must  pay for additional material.


Application / AnwendungWebMicrosoft WindowsMacLinuxAndroidiOS
Bible Gateway
Blue Letter BibleXXX
Deutsche BibelgesellschaftX
E-SwordXLT (€) HD (€)
The Sword ProjectXXXXAndbiblePocket Sword
Olive Tree Bible SoftwareXXXXX
ReadingPlan for iPhone/iPad X