And Enoch walked with God … (Gen 5:24a)

Enoch is the second person in Hebrews commended for his faith.  The description of his life in Genesis is very limited and apart from a record of his father and children, this is the only observation.  And yet it is something for us to consider carefully. The New Testament contains several verses related to walking in regards to the life of faith, and there must be something about this activity that is relevant.

Walking is something that you can do every day and for a long time.  If one is a runner, it is possible to run for a few minutes, or if you are very fit, for a few hours, but it is a limited activity.  But one can walk all day and every day; the longest recorded walk was over 19,000 miles (30,000km); the longest run was only 262 miles (421km).  Indeed, in some jobs walking extended distances on a daily basis is a requirement.  Walking also implies that steady progress is being made towards a goal; a goal that is not necessarily nearby, but one that will be reached eventually.  We must not forget that the bible was written in a time when the fastest thing available was a horse that could perhaps do 30mph (48kph) when galloping.  The most common form of transport was to walk.  Jesus was constantly travelling around Israel and almost always He would have walked.  The concept of walking also suggests that it is something that continues regardless of how easy the going is.  Whether one walks in hilly or mountainous country or on a plain, it still possible to make progress towards a goal.  When it says that Enoch walked with God it implies a life with a consistent and steady purpose, regardless of how easy or difficult his circumstances were at any particular time.

We also read that the prophet Amos wisely wrote, “Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?” (Amo 3:3).  And this description of Enoch that he walked with God clearly implies that there was no disagreement between.  There was no continuous arguing about every conceivable matter, but rather a spirit of sweet fellowship.

In the new testament, Paul writes, “If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.” (Gal 5:25).  His meaning is clear.  If the Spirit of God has made us alive in Christ Jesus, are not to simply sit still, but rather we are to move on in the life that God has given us. Christians are not expected to spend their life sitting in an armchair metaphorically speaking, but rather actively live every day in God’s presence.

Today, are you walking with God?  Is there agreement between you and Him over the direction you are taking, over the things that you think, over the attitudes that you have, over the things you do on a daily basis?  Are you not just in agreement with God, but also progressing towards the goal that God has for your life?