2Ti 2:19b  “Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity.”

Sometimes it is worth restating the very basics!  If we are to associate ourselves with Christ then it is to be expected that iniquity should no longer be part of our life.  We are to take determined and deliberate steps to remove any trace of iniquity.  Iniquity is an old-fashioned word that we rarely use today, and it sounds as though it means something especially wicked.  But the original Greek word simply means ‘unrighteous, unjust or wrong (morally)’.  Consider a simple natural situation; if I am sitting somewhere and decide to leave, I don’t suddenly find myself somewhere else.  I have to get up and start moving away from the place that I was.  The same idea is included in Paul’s comments here, we are to make a purposeful effort to remove iniquity from our lives and/or our lives from iniquity.  If we claim to be Christians, which means we are claiming His name, we simply cannot continue in iniquity.  It is a contradiction in terms to claim to belong to Christ and continue in sin and iniquity.  It makes no sense!

There is another very sober verse in the bible where ‘departing’ and ‘iniquity’ are linked together.  Luke records a time when, as the Lord is travelling to Jerusalem, He is teaching.  In His teaching, referring to Himself, He explains what one day He will have to say to some, Luk 13:27b “Depart from Me, all you workers of iniquity.”  If we will not depart from iniquity when we have the chance, we run the risk that we will have to depart from Him and not be in His presence for eternity, because we have been disobedient now!

On the same theme, there is another verse that we should consider and that is found in Revelation.  John writes about the New Jerusalem, Rev 21:27a “But there shall by no means enter it anything that defiles, or causes an abomination or a lie …”  Those that continue in iniquity cannot expect to be part of the heavenly Jerusalem, because nothing of the nature of iniquity will be allowed there.

Have you removed iniquity (unrighteousness, injustice or wrong (morally) things) from your life, and do you continue to allow it no place in your attitudes and behavior?