Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her. (Eph 5:25)

At first sight the command for husbands to love their wives, seems almost redundant. The whole basis of a marriage is supposed to be one of love. But it is all too easy to underestimate the depth of the responsibility that a man assumes when he marries and it is this that Paul wishes to address. Paul is not particularly thinking about times of romance, though such things are an important part of marriage. However, the deeper and broader call of a husband is the responsibility to care for and nurture his wife. This includes the provision of the daily necessities of life, but goes way beyond this to her emotional well-being and security. He is to protect her in all circumstances and provide a safe environment where she can feel loved and appreciated. The husband has the responsibility to support and encourage his wife constantly and to comfort and strengthen her when she needs it. By providing this supportive environment for his wife, the husband ensures that she develops her full potential as a person and is a blessing both to the marriage and to the wider community that she lives within.

Sadly, often husbands have misunderstood the role that they have in marriage and taken advantage of their position. They have believed it gave them the permission to dominate and control their wives, and sadly sometimes much worse. This is so far from what God intended, it is a travesty.
Paul recognises that the love Christ has for His church is the love a husband should have for his wife. Christ’s desire has always been to see His church grow and develop, become strong and confident in her devotion to Him.

Husbands have you recognised the great responsibility that you took on when you said, "I do!" Are you properly fulfilling your role to, "love your wives"?